“You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome”.

Patch Adam


Healthcare is made up of complex services involving numerous professional roles grouped according to their professions. Each division of the organization has acquired more and more autonomy in favor of a specialized management. Healthcare professionals tend to focus on handling the activities under their responsibility and rarely observe and supervise all the phases of the “Patient journey”.

“Placing the patient at the center of the hospital” – is certainly a good objective, but it is not enough. The vision belongs to times that are on their way out, but which still takes its toll. Coining an expression from the educational context, it is necessary to introduce the  idea of a “flipped hospital”, where it is no longer the hospital or the patient which models the treatment procedure, but the person, as a whole.  Today there is no longer an identification between space and function and this has overturned all our traditional identification strongholds: office-work, shop-purchase, school-learning, hospital-care.

We must not identify the space – the hospital – with the function – the treatment, but we also must not identify the person with a role which he/she momentarily performs.

In fact, being a patient is a moment of life which must not be “sectioned off”, if we do not want to end up identifying the person with the illness.   The person is a patient, but continues to be a parent, child, worker, friend, brother, etc.   

This awareness connects medicine with wellness and well-being. The treatment becomes a journey which begins with the daily attention for our well-being. The hospital becomes a phase of the critical moments of this journey and must be designed in relation to the person, as a whole.  

Thanks to the connection between the physical and the digital world and to a series of instruments enabled and made available by this convergence, it is finally possible to accompany the person throughout the journey. We can now design experiences and services in places which are materially connected with the needs of the person, who can momentarily be a patient, but who must never stop being an individual.  

Tailor-made experiences, places and services corresponding in a clear and responsive manner to the real needs of the person.   



holistic model

We increase the number of treatment centers available, the patient’s wellbeing and comfort – both inside and out – guaranteeing efficient and effective services for the entire “patient journey” 



We improve the experience of the patient and his/her family starting by designing the services necessary for the treatment centers to function in the best way possible, inside and outside the healthcare structures.  We support the purchasing procedure and monitor the services to guarantee the quality of the people’s experience. 




Is an innovative management system, a technological ecosystem to handle all non-medical services (maintenance facilities, cleaning, food industry, sterilization, linen rental and industrial launderer, mechanical transport service, waste disposal, etc.), a strategic element which unites all the suppliers and interfaces between the manager and the Healthcare Structure.
We guarantee
•    Transparency in the management process and planned interventions;  
•    Communicating, sharing and managing information among the parties;  
•    Monitoring the progress of non-medical services (evaluating the relative performance indicators/gauges) 

The Smart Box is used to supervise the processes to coordinate the needs of the services (demand and quantities required) and monitor the performances clearly and in real time. 




Thanks to the presence of forecast algorithms which analyze the “big data" (feedback from users, alarms/breakdown of the BMS, operations center, service providers, users, etc.), we can foresee management problems and provide the necessary actions to correct them.  
In this way, we make the hospital structure available and friendly from a social, environmental and technological profile, for the benefit of the treatment experience and the transparency of the management for all stakeholders.


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