eFM was recognized as a best practice in the Digital Transformation and Cool Vendor 2018 for the MYSPOT platform at Barcelona's Gartner Symposium 2018.

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Every year, during its traditional symposium, Gartner - the world's leading research company in the field of Information Technology - assesses the worldwide situation of the digital transformation processes, trying to "anticipate the future", identifying trends, innovative companies and solutions of the moment.

In the digital transformation era, business development is tied to technologies; CEOs and CTOs have to continually study emerging solutions capable of creating new strategies to grow their businesses.


eFM Best Practice on Digital Business Journey as a Midsize Enterprise


Gartner annually presents a review of use cases, technological solutions that can transform traditional businesses. Among these, eFM's workplace management solutions have been identified as a best practice of digital optimization, a key step in the digital transformation path. 
eFM works to automate and optimize the service management processes of real estate assets, while taking care of the engagement of the people who experience them every day, gathering live data thanks to IoT and trust detection platforms, and making decisions based on the collected information, in real time.

During the annual Barcelona Symposium, Gartner presented our path towards digitization as one of the 3 global best practices applied by an SME. "In eFM, technologies are used to measure and optimize resources” -said Daniele Di Fausto, eFM CEO, present in Barcelona– “with particular attention to cost reduction, risk mitigation and property value maximization, as the goal is to maximize the well-being and the engagement of the people who experience those spaces".


MYSPOT Platform, Cool Vendor 2018 in the Employee Engagement and Enablement in the Digital Workplace.


As well as the company as a whole, the innovative soul of eFM has also been acknowledged thanks to its solutions. MYSPOT - the smart working platform born from an open innovation project - has been indicated as a Cool Vendor 2018.

However, what does it mean to be one of the Cool Vendors selected by Gartner? Daryl Plummer, Gartner vice-president and Chief Fellow, affirms that Cool Vendors must stand out among the crowded world of technology companies, but most of all they must pursue valuable goals, finding solutions to problems of common interest in different sectors. The field in which MYSPOT intervenes in a 'disruptive' manner is 'future of work'. The boundaries of the office of the future will not be defined by perimeter walls, but by the quality of internal and external relations. From this point of view, MYSPOT is a platform available to corporations to 'match' the best places and the most innovative communities that liven them up. "With the rising of the Sharing Economy” - explains Di Fausto – “we have expanded our focus beyond corporate real estate, to reach all the spaces that urban environment offers. We have created MYSPOT, a startup that allows you to use the potential of the city's places and provide workers with work spaces outside the company offices, allowing them to immerse themselves where innovation takes place."

The function of all the places in the city can be hybridized: coworking, museums, hotels, libraries, cafes, even the office spaces of companies that want to take on the challenge of enhancing their spaces and the contamination of their communities.

MYSPOT is also a virtual assistant: it suggests to workers the ideal position for the activity they have to perform, both within the company offices and in the external areas of the city; it reserves the space that will serve the worker and his team; it offers access to a wide variety of places via a single pass; it monitors the spaces occupation and the environmental conditions of the workplace; it helps to manage the organization of meetings and to orient people within the spaces.

"Being included in the Gartner's Cool Vendors list and chosen as a best practice fill us with pride and give us even more strength to look forward to the future. These are important steps on a new road that we are building” - concludes Di Fausto – “thanks to the people of our community and to the ecosystem of partners who share our mission: Sustaining Engaging Places for a Better Life!".


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