IESE Business School interviewed Daniele Di Fausto

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The prestigious INSIGHT magazine of the IESE Business School  interviewed our CEO, Daniele Di Fausto, in a monographic edition: Space, the new frontier. How the future workplace is disrupting real estate.

"We started to build HR and technology together and create connections between people and real estate".

With his statement, Daniele wants to stress the importance of technology which no longer limits itself to guaranteeing the good functioning of buildings, but allows to orchestrate new experiential dynamics to foster more creative and engaging connections between people. This creates value: happy people will be more productive; if more productive, they will have new ideas, more innovation and better results. 

Digitization frees work from the constraints of space and time, saving economic resources that can be used to increase the level of people engagement and to offer new types of places outside the usual corporate spaces.


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