PIER platform: supporting the energy transition

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Electricity generation is the leading cause of industrial air pollution in the world, most of our electricity comes from coal, nuclear and other non-renewable sources. Producing energy from these resources has a serious impact on our environment, polluting the air, land and water.
According to UN data, energy is by far the largest contributor to climate change and accounts for 73% of man-made greenhouse gases.
The European Union has set as targets for 2030 at least 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (from 1990 levels) and a 32% for renewable energy. The global budget reserved for Italy by NextGenerationEU is approximately 210 billion and over 30% will be dedicated to the green revolution and ecological transition.
To realize the energy transition and decarbonize the national production system, funding alone is not enough. It is necessary to clarify the strategy of simplifying processes and exiting fossil fuels.
"The current Italian target for 2030 is 30% of final consumption from renewable sources, compared to the 20% preliminary estimate for 2020". To achieve this goal, Italy, through the Pnrr, aims to unlock "the potential of utility-scale plants, which in many cases have already competitive cost compared to fossil fuels but firstly require reforms of the authorization mechanisms and rules of market to reach full potential ". 

Piano Nazionale di ripresa e resilienza.

To support investors, energy producers and service providers to face the upcoming and ambitious challenges, eFM has developed PIER, the solution for the management of renewable assets that integrates business development, asset management, O&M and compliance processes on a single platform.
PIER makes it possible to centralize all the information in the renewable energy sector in a single database, facilitating access to the various actors and stakeholders by level of profiling and role.
PIER interfaces with monitoring and control systems, BI, documentary, ERP systems and provides tableau de boards and KPIs aimed at maximizing energy production, performance index and plant availability, minimizing O&M costs and downtime of the plant and to comply with all regulatory and administrative requirements.
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