Talking with Carlo Mauceli, Microsoft CTO

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Another intense moment of sharing experiences in our Collision Square, as we hosted Carlo Mauceli, CTO of Microsoft Italy, and Simone Peruzzi, Account Technology Strategist. The inspiring conversation was about Cybersecurity and Privacy, in a world where the “playing field became literally the whole world. Think about the Internet of Things (IoT), about the ‘things’ that communicate with each other: sensors, smart, actuators. This scenario creates an Internet that feels, thinks and acts: we are looking at the classic definition of a Robot. We are building a distributed Robot, without a central brain, that we didn’t even designed in the first place: it is simply happening, following a prophecy that fulfills itself”. At the end of the morning, under the guidance of Andrea Benedetti, Director of Technical Evangelism at Microsoft, we wore the HoloLens to dive into the mixed-reality, bringing Michelangelo's David in the middle of our office! Many thanks to Microsoft for this engaging day.


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