Workplace Concierge

The new frontier of guests reception focuses on the individual experience within spaces.

WORKPLACE CONCIERGE is the Virtual Receptionist that guides people through the experience of living the spaces. It's the answer to the "Cognitive Building"

Simplify guests access operations through standard integration connectors between meeting call systems and authorization processes. Give each guest access to the most useful information and services through a new CRM system, in order to live a better experience.
Improve guests and employees orientation experience inside campuses and buildings.
Enable spatial maps digitization (2D and 3D) and activate a wayfinding service.
Allow users to find the best route to reach spaces, services (meeting rooms, ATM, canteen, etc…) or people).
Use your guests data and feedbacks on available information (e.g. useful contacts, available services and spaces and tools utilization policies) to improve safety in your spaces and spread useful information.
-88 %

Time saved on building access procedures

-15 %

of guests doubts dealt in advance thanks to our communication and information system

74 %

of positive feedbacks received from guests and employees on activated reception and navigation services


Change the way you live your spaces. Request a demo.  

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