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to manage the entire life cycle
of your real estate assets.


ARCHIBUS is the market leader Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), which helps companies to optimize their properties, spaces and operations to facilitate the achievement of their goals.

It reduces management costs, increases the value of the properties and improves workplaces, thanks to the data-driven platform supported by the largest global network ever. 


With IWMS ARCHIBUS you extend the life cycle of the facilities and properties, improving their maintenance conditions and enhancing their operations.
Thanks to the support provided by the ARCHIBUS management system, companies can manage and maintain workplaces in excellent condition, stimulating the employees’ wellbeing and their productivity.  
The ARCHIBUS platform helps companies in their journey towards economic, social and environmental sustainability, helping to reduce management costs, energy consumption and increasing the comfort of the people who live those spaces.  
-85 %

Management Cost

90 %

Mean Time
Between Failure

-80 %

Mean Time
To Repair

-60 %

Mean Time
To Cash

To monitor, evaluate and manage the properties efficiently and effectively, thereby guaranteeing the value of the Real Estate.

Portfolio Management
Non Performing Loan
Tax Admin
Cost Administration
Divestment Portal
Chargeback & Invoice
Accounting Erp
Advanced Portfolio Forecasting
Strategic Financial Analysis
Sales Base Rent


To plan and manage, with the certainty of performing work within the timelines and the planned budget and to optimize future management costs:

Capital Budgeting
Integration Project Management+BIM
Project Management
Condition Assessment


• To have the certainty of using the spaces in the best way possible, eliminating unnecessary costs and facilitating ordinary and extraordinary management.

Space Inventory & Performance
Personnel & Occupancy
Space Chargeback
Strategic Space Planning
Enterprise Move Management


To maintain, monitor and optimize the use of every asset, simplifying and favoring the people’s work inside the offices. :

Service Desk
Meeting Assistant
CREActive Assistant
Fleet Management
Enterprise Asset Management
Asset Portal
Furniture & Equipment Mgmt
Telecommunications & Cable Mgmt


To guarantee maximum efficiency of the properties and facilities making the spaces available and comfortable and encouraging a better workplace:

On Demand Work
Warehouse Management
Preventive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
Condition Assessment
Workforce Management
Call Center Wizard
Resource Scheduling & Optimization


• To guarantee wholesome, safe and friendly workplaces which comply with the laws in force:

Environmental Sustainability Assessment
Energy Management
Green Building
Waste Management
Emergency Preparedness
Compliance Management
Clean Building
Environmental Health & Safety
Material Safety Data Sheets


To help organizations enhance their purchases, reduce costs and mitigate the supply risk by improving the value of the purchase process:

Vendor Management
Service contract Management
Contract & Sub-Contract
Expense Budgeting & Contract Costs
Procurement & Contract
Service design & Simulation
Strategic Sourcing


To manage compliance of the property, facilities and staff with the laws in force, ensuring people’s safety and wellbeing:

Document Compliance Management
Site Compliance
Workforce Compliance
Application Compliance
HSE Regulation


To have all the necessary instruments available for an innovative and efficient management of the real estate assets anytime, anywhere:

Every Mail
App Maintenance Ticketing
App Augmented Reality
App Equipment Mgnt
App Survey HSE
App Workforce Monitoring
App Forniture Mgnt
App Survey


Technology extensions which integrate and connect with the IT system ARCHIBUS to enrich its potential:

Smart Client Extension for Revit
Process Manager
Geospatial Extension for ESRI
Payment Integration
Archibus Mobile Framework
Multientity & Multicompany
Performance Metrics Framework
BMS connectors
Reservation Extension for Exchange
Automatic Configuration Services
Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD
Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Internet of Things (IoT)


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