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Do you want to increase the energy level of your organization?
Start with the people.  

We help organizations to become evolutionary places where people’s wellbeing can be improved; places where energy can be created, an individual’s awareness increased and company performance improved. We offer integrated solutions which help companies to become realities with one purpose only: corporate and individual.  

People’s wellbeing in the workplace or the way those same people live these spaces are resources that contribute to creating a value and a competitive advantage for the success of the company.  
Living evolutive forms of the workplace can generate resistance by the people who see change as a loss and something they must confront. Working on training and communication helps to diminish the level of negative perception and lower people’s levels of resistance, thereby freeing energy to access new solutions/favor new processes of evolution.   
The human being, the team and the organizations are “complex systems” in which extraordinary energies travel. With our methods and instruments, we accompany people and companies in the evolution of their mindset, assisting them to connect with their most authentic part so they can access such energies. 


25 years

Experience in the field of personal and professional growth. 

150 companies

We work with Italian and international companies.  

10 .000

The participants, including CEOs and top managers who apply our methods every day with great success.

Expressing our true nature means ensuring that our natural resources can awaken and be seen. Our “system” evolves naturally if we provide two fundamental elements: Energy and Awareness and if we know how to remove the “resistances”, offering our energy centers (Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit) the correct nutrition.  The BLOOM method works on the model which allows us to nurture these “centers” where energy, for some reason, has stopped flowing and has become insufficient. In this way, we create the conditions to reactivate our natural resources, so that our Gifts and Talents will blossom once again, and we will see the opportunities that we were unable to perceive before. 



Today, to be able to lead a company, it is fundamental to have the ability to take it into an evolutive mode. If the company is unable to change, it will die out. One of the fundamental abilities of the leader is to pick up on all the aspects that allow people to open up to this type of transformation. Only a leader who has discovered the strategies within him/herself to face the pressures and the difficulties, is able to activate an ongoing transformation and is able to take the step towards the unknown which will allow them to generate abundance and excellence.   




Experiencing an in-depth contact with our most authentic nature, a journey through the dimensions of life, discovering how the evolutive intelligences of the Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit determine and organize our life. Only when we can nurture our different intelligences can we access our natural resources, drawing on the necessary energy to realize our projects. 




Mindfulness is a powerful instrument which allows companies to work on different dimensions at the same time. It diminishes the effects of stress and improves the psychological and physical conditions; it increases the levels of emotional intelligence, improves intellectual performance and the ability to focus and concentrate on what is important. It increases positive attitudes and trust; Improves relations between people and empathic behavior; it is a greater expression of creativity and innovative potential.




A space dedicated to the personal evolution which utilizes the amplifying power of a work group made up of people who share values, methods and goals.  These meetings offer you the possibility of working on fundamental themes of your life. In every meeting it is possible to share experiences, express doubts on your personal evolution, have individual mini coaching sessions..



A rich program of contents and practical moments that are highly evolutionary. Meetings which allow you to learn new strategies and acquire concrete instruments to face your professional or personal life in the best way possible.  




Is based on an innovative methodology which allows the person to activate their necessary resources quickly and naturally to achieve pre-established objectives.  Evolutionary Coaching integrates the basic principles of Peak Performance Coaching with the model of Evolutive Intelligences created by BLOOM.





An experience that will transform you; a “walking” weekend where you will be able to access all the resources available inside yourself.  The activities take place in a part of Via Francigena which connects San Gimignano to Siena. 
For 3 days you will discover how to activate and get the “intelligences” that regulate your life to work better: Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.  This is to have a healthy body, an open heart, a focused mind and an engaged spirit to build a better world.  



Often, we feel blocked, something prevents us from expressing our full potential and from living life as we would like. The Evolutionary Weekends are an occasion to discover the extraordinary energies that move our lives and how to manage them in the best way possible. Discover how to activate these resources and gain access to a new vision of life; rethinking your objectives and actions with this new vision is an incredible transformational experience. 





An innovative instrument based on the integration between the DISC theory developed by William Marston, the work on behavioral preferences of Carl Jung and the investigations on the values system (motivations) by the psychologist, Eduard Spranger. The individual output is a report of 50 pages describing the personal profile based on the person’s natural style, who they really are, compared with who they profess to be (adaptive style). A description of theire personality traits, sources of motivation, talents and ideas compared with their personal style of communicating and leadership.  




Is a platform where it is possible to access our evolutionary journeys in digital form. A series of instruments and techniques to look at and examine how to increase the available energy levels, become aware of your gifts and talents and free up all your personal and professional potential. 




Activate the energies of your organization!

Discover the best course for you and your company.

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