The context in which we live is constantly changing.

To be part of it is to accept the challenge of innovating the very way of thinking and thinking about us - new way of thinking. The relationship we have with space is crucial and crosses three programmatic dimensions: regeneration, innovation, and sustainability. We recognize places, and territories in general, as having the capacity to be the writing and drawing of change. That is why a dedicated Observatory.

Our awards

Premio Manager Eccellente
Daniele di Fausto

National Public Champion e Ruban D'honneur

Premio Innovazione

Premio Innovazione S@lute

Premio Best Practice Patrimoni Pubblici 2017

Bim&Digital Award

Cool Vendors in Employee Engagement & Enablement in the Digital Workplace

Myspot è piattaforma della settiman del Lavoro Agile 2019

Top 200
Engineering Firm
Report 2021

Lundbeck Awards

Innovation Observatory

Smart Alliance-the ELIS project involving all of Italy-was created with the purpose of making a direct and positive impact on the relational status of places and the co-existence of different Genius Loci. 30 large companies and a 6-month experiment to share space and create Km0 offices: in this laboratory of the new ways of working, eFM provided Statuto11 spaces, as well as the project’s technology platform, Myspot.






Co2 Emissions

3 bn


Innovation on all fronts

We do not just innovate real estate. Our commitment is to change the world of work.