Booking Assistant

Make Desks and Meeting Rooms reservation easier.
Web, Mobile App, Chatbot, Hardware Devices or Company Calendars: every channel is connected and integrated in a single service.

People and organizations work in different ways, Thanks to MYSPOT Book is finally possible to activate a Virtual Assistant that enhance users experience and configure company policies in an easy and intuitive way.

A single solution able to connect with local hardware devices and company calendars (Google Calendar, Exchange or Office365) to manage bookings. Native compatibility with the most important Space and Asset Management Solutions (Archibus, Tririga e Maximo).
A Virtual Assistant able to understand people’s habits and ease the matching between needs and available resources, reducing waste caused by wrong use and asymmetries.
User experience is maximized thanks to the variety of available booking channels.
We access, calendars management, interactive hardware, mobile app and conversational chatbot allow users to choose the right booking tool for their contingent needs and their personal preferences. Learning from the users’ operations, the Virtual Assistant is able to suggest quick actions coherent with the actual needs and the individual habits. 

Work desks managed and monitored 

7500 Sqm

Sqm of meeting rooms and shared spaces monitored and managed


Daily bookings using our platform




Configure your spaces, the utilization policies and select the technologies supplied by the platform to monitor the real usage of resources and spaces




Integrate our service with the technologies and data you already own.
Connect platform services with enterprise management systems (e.g IWMS, CAFM, etc…), digital collaboration systems (e.g Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Teams, Slack, etc…) and hardware equipment (e.g. Room Panel, Environmental sensors, Occupancy Monitoring device, etc…).




Manage assignment and booking processes of company spaces and resources. Activate this process both for spaces inside your buildings and outside spaces reservable by people from your company. Check the real usage level of available resources through different metrics (special, temporal, organizational, etc). 



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