Building Information Modeling (BIM)

A new approach to BIM:

Enterprise Information Modeling to manage the entire Life Cycle



We support all the players of the supply chain in relation to their role and functions: owners, designers and planners, developers and  service providers. We offer vertical services in each phase of the life cycle using the most modern technologies (AR, VR, IWMS, BMS, ERP, Machine Learning, IoT) for projects which are immediately BIM Level 3 compliant.  



Thanks to the twenty years’ experience in managing real estate, we are able to assist and support clients and owners in their choice to adopt and improve BIM processes which they will then use to manage their properties in the future.
The project team is made up of people who are highly skilled and experienced in the entire life cycle: Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Building Managers, Facility Managers. Management Engineers and IT experts.  
We develop our projects on a centralized platform which can integrate the most modern technologies available - VR, AR, BMS, IoT, IWMS -  in all life cycles.
150 .000    sqm

Property managed through the  BIM 

75 %

Increase of information available 

-33 %

Reduction in
project costs 

BIM Introduction




Company Assessment, GAP Analisys and Change Management. Users training


BIM Management



Supporting Documents and Management Plans drafting support, reports in compliance with Italian (UNI11337) and international regulation>

BIM Design



Architectural, structural and plant design using BIM methodology. As- Build modeling.
Modellazione As-Built 

BIM Monitoring



Model verification and validation, Project Management and high surveiIlance, models update during construction.


BIM Service simulation



Advanced simulation of facility services (cleaning, maintenance, industrial lounderer, porterage, food and beverage). Drafting of BIM oriented service documents.




Modules integration in ARCHIBUS real estate management platform




Technology integration during real estate assets usage and management stage, centralizing information within a single platform.

Digitize your real estate assets using BIM.

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