Customer Journey

Your people’s journey for the transformation of your places. 


Customer Journey analyzes the way people interact with spaces and services within an organization. A strategic analysis which contributes to and increases the level of awareness, identifying the needs of the users and evaluating the current level of satisfaction in a wholistic vision of the experience lived in those places.  

Contributes to increasing the level of awareness and consensus among the users, through the immediate identification and representation of the people’s needs and desires.
Understanding the journey that an individual makes when he/she establishes a relation with an organization, in time and in the various spaces, is the first step to redesigning the experiences and improving engagement. 
Understanding the meeting points (touch points) of the experience. Evaluating the possible difficulties and obstacles that a person will encounter to achieve his/her objectives, ensures an improvement of the productivity of the entire organization. 

The number of people whose journey we have followed

-60 %

Reduction of non-operating spaces

45 %

Increase in the operative spaces



Research and observation

Collect information (Surveys, Observations in loco, online and one-to-one interviews) on the contact and interaction between the people and the organization.  We create the “personas”, identify the background, evaluate the touchpoints and the type of journey  



Participating in the preparation

Through one or more procreative workshops, we gather information with the direct assistance of the team inside and the stakeholder.





We carry out mapping using the information gathered and we elaborate a journey for everyone; we analyze the points of the proposals made during the workshops. The mapping is done in a visual and final form




We share the mapping and the results to identify the problems, offer solutions and improve the person’s experience. 



Find out how to improve your staff’s experience! 
Ask for the customer journey of your organization today.  

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