Place Evolution

Rethinking workplaces is the most effective
way to improve people’s productivity,
wellbeing and engagement.


We ensure a more engaging employee experience which allows you to try out new working methods in pleasant and dynamic workplaces. We create and sustain environments which support business results, accompanying company changes, corporate performance and people’s wellbeing.  

Impact on the
Every solution derives from an evaluation of the impact on the business. We not only consider how people work today, but we accompany the board in identifying new work models. Spaces are not assigned because of some traditional hierarchy, but are shared (Flexible workplace) and planned, on the basis of the activities which will be performed there (Activity-Based Working).
Our approach is integrated in three dimensions:
Place: spaces that stimulate creativity and interaction  
Platform: technology which facilitates daily work and favors cooperation 
People: programs that help people benefit from a new way of working.
Quality and 
Twenty years’ experience in managing facility services, planning and construction allow us to create comfortable places which interact, adapt  and transform the environment in which they are immersed. 

Average pay back period 


Increased productivity 


Increased cooperation




Observe and examine important characteristics regarding the use of spaces and the methods of  approaching the work:  experience journey map, space occupancy evaluation, share the information, use of technologies,  common behavior  (working behavior analysis). The aim is to define the level of  current “Workplace maturity”, priority actions and future policies.  






Design the new office model starting with the needs of the people which integrate with the business strategies, focusing strongly on technology, facilities, acoustics, internal green and well-being services.  
In this phase we create the business case, design the communication and change management plan, which are all keys to the success of the transformation. 




Realizing the new workplace focusing on economic, environmental, social and technological  sustainability,  and paying attention to the quality and wholesomeness of the materials used.  
Sustaining the organization in implementing the new workplace.  





Sustain organizations in adapting “beta-permanent” spaces and behaviors, in relation to the needs arising from the real time monitoring of the use, comfort and corporate climate.






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