Space Analytics

Redesign the workplace experience.
Transform data into actions.

MYSPOT Plan analyses places occupancy data to be sure that your spaces are suitable to the needs of the people who live in them.

Enable your organization to increase its savings. Use data to activate and guide space management processes of your Real Estate assets.
Improve your knowledge about resources utilization.
Enhance behaviors and utilization experience by increasing individuals’ awareness and eliminating information asymmetry.
Choose requalification strategies for your spaces to improve individuals' productivity and team collaboration..

Work desks managed and monitored 

7500 sqm 

of meeting rooms and shared spaces monitored and managed 


Daily bookings using our platform




Configure your spaces, the utilization policies and select the technologies supplied by the platform to monitor the real usage of resources and spaces.




Integrate our service with the technologies and data you already own.
Connect platform services with enterprise management systems (e.g IWMS, CAFM, etc…), digital collaboration systems (e.g Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Teams, Slack, etc…) and hardware equipment (e.g. Room Panel, Environmental sensors, Occupancy Monitoring device, etc…).




Let your users guide you and you will never go wrong.
Analyze real interactions between people and spaces, verify process efficiency and utilization policies proposal. Enable nonstop planning through a “Continuous Improvement” approach of user experiences and real estate assets enhancement.



Design your workplace based on people's real experiences. Request a demo.

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