Located in the Saar Basin territory, just a few KM from Luxembourg and France, eFM provides digital services for real estate management. It has more than 50 resources, supporting clients throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. eFM is recognized for the quality and value of the services it provides. It represents a benchmark in real estate Digital Transformation pathways at the European level.


Waldstraße 46
Saarbrücken 66113

+49 681 9927890

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With more than 30 years of presence in the German, Swiss and Austrian markets, eFM implements innovative technology solutions for real estate management.

A benchmark for Digital Transformation, it recently expanded its service portfolio in Germany with the acquisition of ASC-DE - Archibus Solution Centers Germany. Today it offers facility management consulting and accompanies clients in designing New Ways of Working.

Target market

eFM has always been at the side of major German companies and specializes in digitizing real estate assets for various industries: Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Retail, Research. The ability to lead a constantly evolving market, combined with the presence on numerous key territory principals internationally, makes eFM one of the benchmarks in Germany for companies around the world.


eFM in Germany has well-established expertise in implementing the ARCHIBUS platform, a global leader in real estate asset management in the area of IWMS - Integrated Workplace Management System.

It specializes in the governance of Facility Management services: in particular, in the configuration of maintenance management processes according to the REGIS methodology. eFM guarantees perfect compliance with German regulations and is a recognized partner for the ability to deliver, in outsourcing, all ICT Governance services related to IWMS platforms.