A point of reference on issues of digital innovation, urban regeneration and the vocation of territories, eFM leads the process of transforming work through spaces in Italy. Based in Rome and Milan, it combines deeply Italian DNA-creativity, design, culture-with a contemporary and international approach.


Via Ostiense 92
00154, Roma RM

+39 06.5400064


Via Statuto 11
20121, Milano MI

+39 02.76390291

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Founded in the early 2000s, eFM quickly became the market leader in Italy. It enters the real estate market with the goal of reducing costs, mitigating risks, and increasing asset value.

Over time he broadens his vision: places must not only be efficient, but they must also become attractive and engaging to people, arousing in them a state of well-being. At the same time, in 2018, the eFM office in Rome was joined by the one in Milan.

Target market

eFM was among the first companies to take the path of digitizing real estate with the goal of designing, managing and monitoring all spaces and services in the industry. And, at the same time, to ensure their quality through the integration in a single platform of all market players: owner, provider, user, designer, developer. The irruption of digital transformation and the massive introduction of smart devices, wearables and IoT make it possible to connect services and processes to people’s concrete experience in real time.


eFM designs, builds and manages properties starting from the experiences of the people who live there and through the digital processing of shared data.

It uses data and its ability to be generative in real time through the MYSPOT platform: to enable each space, create its digital twin, and automatically and centrally activate all the services needed to make it functional.