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Beaconforce is a revolutionary software for staff management, based on artificial and emotional intelligence which measures the level of well-being and engagement of the employees of a company in real time.

Companies with a high engagement level also have a higher productivity level of 22%.  Beaconforce increases engagement, assisting the manager with the creation of environments that stimulate innate motivation. 
Beaconforce provides the manager with a clear and detailed picture of  the state of various employees and teams, of those who leave and of those who arrive in the company, significantly increasing the efficiency of staff management. 
the ROI
Organizations consider an excessive number of data points unfriendly and unusable. Beaconforce gathers and filters information in real time, providing a clear idea of the efficiency of company initiatives. 
100 %

Client retention.

1.6 mln

Data Point gathered thanks to the AI. 

76 %

Voluntary adoption of the service.



Instead of a heavy and static analysis of the company climate, employees receive two quick multiple-choice questions on an app each day 
Companies receive the level of engagement and satisfaction of its people in real time 
Through the suggestions in the dashboard, managers ae able to consolidate the positive elements and improve the negative ones for each person.  

Beaconforcethe engagement of your people at a glance!

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