The future of your business is finally within reach!

PlaceView is a complete set of services and instruments powered by VR and Augmented Reality for the planning and structure relief of strategic data (information, 360° photographs, geolocation, point clouds) for the entire life cycle of properties.

Checking the condition of your real estate, specific surveys to obtain the information you require, monitor the progress of the deliverables: directly from your Smartphone.
Eliminate the
redrafting work
The right instruments to facilitate the work of your collaborators. Forget about the time spent manually transcribing data from one file to another thanks to the potential of a single integrated services platform. 
The management of your company’s data with advanced control and protection functions, to allow your team to cooperate and share information in total safety.
Virtual & Augmented
A unique Real Estate planning and management experience. Navigate inside your property wherever you are! 
Our services guarantee compliance with the regulations on the processing of sensitive data for major security and peace of mind for you and your clients. 
90 K

Daily surveys.

-40 %

Reduction of the effort of acquiring, redrafting, researching and analyzing information. 

110  K

Evaluations handled daily.  




Business goals and the strategic choices to be implemented to achieve them depend entirely on how well you know your property. Whether you need to rationalize space, assign or take over property, due diligence, working progress of the building site, evaluations of the accessibility, PlaceView can provide you with all this and much more.  




Define delivery times and budget estimates necessary for your evaluations and surveys.  
You can decide whether to use your collaborators or engage one of our partners to carry out data collecting, activating the job automatically to guarantee the end result.  





The information deriving from the surveys are integrated at the source with the BIM Oriented models. This allows you to reduce the effort of planning and creating the models, closing all the information gaps and allowing you to make the best strategic decisions to reduce the margin of error!



With PlaceView you project your business into the future with the use of the most innovative tools.
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