North America

Through 2 main offices and a team spread over 7 prevalent locations, eFM North America is able to support the market by ensuring the global approach of the eFM group and the presence of professionals close to the realities of our clients and partners.


1313 Washington Street,
Boston MA 02118​

+1 978 289 3662

San Diego

550 West B Street
San Diego, CA 92101

+1 978 289 3662

eFM North America in Pills


eFM enters the U.S. in 2018 bringing its expertise and capacity for innovation in the design and governance of facility management services, and the creation of engaging workspaces.

In 2020, eFM acquired FMP - Facility Management Planners Inc. a U.S. leader in digitizing real estate processes. Together they continue to invest in the value proposition “Sustain Engaging Places for a Better Life.”

Target market

Long-standing investments in technological innovation make the U.S. market one of the most mature to embrace eFM’s approach. The “Experience as a Service” idea is at the heart of the evolution toward an ecosystem growth model. It is based on enhancing relationships between people and raising the quality of services.


Platform, Places and People: eFM’s philosophy is also based on these three key words in North America.

“Platform” translates into process digitization and data-driven decisions. “Places” translates to designing engaging spaces. “People” translates into the New Ways of Working approach, with a specific focus on relationships.